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Pregnancy Related Back Pain

January 14, 2010

Pregnancy and Back Pain

preg backpainPregnancy frequently leads to lower back and leg pain. Unfortunately, few treatment options are available for the pregnant patient. These patients are limited with regards to any diagnostic procedures, such as x-ray, and cannot be prescribed certain medications and physical therapy procedures.

There is an option for pregnant patients with lower back and leg pain! Cox Flexion-Distraction Decompression is a safe, gentle, and well-researched chiropractic technique for the treatment of lower back and leg pain. Its clinical efficacy is well-documented for the treatment of facet syndromes, subluxations, as well as stenosis, disc degeneration and herniations which often result in pinched nerves such as sciatica.

As a certified practitioner and instructor of this Cox decompression and member of the American Pregnancy Association, Dr. Ralph Kruse has provided relief for patients with these conditions for two decades. These cases are often difficult to treat and may not respond to other therapies. This procedure can also be modified for the pregnant patient. Due to the growing size of the abdomen these patients cannot lie on their stomach during the treatment. Therefore this procedure can be performed with the patient lying on their side. In this way, a gentle decompression can be performed by the doctor, thus reducing pressure on the pain-producing nerves.

Dr. Kruse has authored numerous case reports and larger patient population studies documenting the efficacy of this technique. One case published in the Journal of Chiropractic Medicine documents the effective treatment of a pregnant patient clinically diagnosed with a disc herniation and sciatica. The results for this patient are typical of what Kruse sees daily in his practices. Dr. Kruse has also written and published a chapter titled “Low Back Pain of Pregnancy” in Dr. James Cox’s book LOW BACK PAIN: MECHANISM, DIAGNOSIS, and TREATMENT, 7th edition.

More information can be obtained by contacting Dr. Kruse at his Chicago office (312-269-5556) or his Homewood, Illinois location (708-798-5556)

Chiropractic treatment of a pregnant patient with lumbar radiculopathy

Cox® Technic Helps Pregnancy Back Pain

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