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Dr. Francis Puzon, D.C.

dr puzon webDr. Francis Puzon has been a practicing Chiropractic Physician since December 2012. His passion for anatomy/physiology and exercise and fitness started during his undergraduate studies. Dr. Puzon never knew anything about chiropractic until suffered a back injury and was referred to a chiropractor by his dad. He learned more about chiropractic from his former chiropractor and now mentor. Dr. Puzon lives the lifestyle and felt the urge to help get people well through education and without the use of drugs or surgery. He has always been dedicated to helping the community overcome many health challenges. Dr. Puzon is certified in Chiropractic Biophysics technique and has been trained in Mckenzie Method, Flexion Distraction, Diversified, and Activator techniques.


• University of Illinois at Chicago, B.S Kinesiology (2007)
• National University of Health Sciences, D.C. (Doctorate of Chiropractic) (2012)


• National Board of Chiropractic Examination – Physiotherapy Certification
• A certified CBP (Chiropractic Bio-Physics) Doctor

Seminars Attended:

• Basics of CBP: Radiographic & Postural Protocols
• Mirror Image Drop Table Adjusting Leg Length Inequality & Orthotics
• Mirror Image Instrument Adjusting & Upper Cervical Analysis
• Structural Rehabilitation of the Cervical Spine
• Structural Rehabilitation of the Lumbar Spine
• Structural Rehab of Thoracic Spine & Case Management
• McKenzie Method part A: Lumbar spine
• McKenzie Method part B: Cervical and Thoracic spine

Ongoing Education:

• Chiropractic Biophysics basic certification series - September 2016


• Weight Lifting
• Snowboarding
• Basketball
• Spending time with family and friends
• Running

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