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Nutritional Supplements

Keep It Simple ...

This is the motto in dealing with spine pain and the steps to relieve back pain and neck pain. Back pain patients want their QUALITY OF LIFE back. It's that simple.

Cox® Technic protocols are simple: the 50% rule to gauge improvement and treatment frequency, simple exercises that take less than 15 minutes a day, and simple nutrition plan.

The Cox Complete Spinal Nutrition is simple and addresses the most common spine pain accompanying conditions in need of nutritional support:

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cox supplementsFormula ONE

A daily multliple supplement formulated to support a healthy immune system with vitamins, minerals, trace minerals, herbs, fat-lowering agents, amino acids, and digestive enzymes -- all in ONE supplement, not 5 or 6!

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Formula #2 Calcium Citrate with Vitamin D3

The calcium supplement formulated to support bone health and osteoporosis prevention and management with the highest calcium source combined with hydrocholic acid to ensure easy digestion and Vitamin D3 for quick absorption.

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Flax Plus Fiber

An excellent supplement to support bowel health and promote regularity formulated with soothing aloe vera, peppermint oil and flax seed -- The last thing a back pain sufferer needs or wants is constipation. This is so helpful!

For more information on Flax Plus Fiber, please click here

Disc & Joint Pain Relief Complex

A natural pain reliever formulated to relieve pain due to peripheral and spinal degenerative disease and bridge the gap between stronger narcotic drugs and managing the pain drugfree. Recent medical literature is stressing the pain relieving qualities of WHITE WILLOW BARK and CURCUMIN and BOSWELLIA SERRATA and QUERCETIN and DEVIL'S CLAW. All these are found in ONE complex to keep it SIMPLE!

For more information of Disc & Joint Pain Relief Complex, please click here

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