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Work & Lifting Injuries

work lifting injuries

Work Injuries, Worker’s Compensation, Lifting Injuries

Common workplace injuries typically occur from a single traumatic event such as a slip and fall or a lifting or over-exertion injury.  Such injuries may cause sprains and strains and bruising (contusions) of the lower back and hip. Fall can also injure the neck, shoulder, knee and ankle.

Repetitive motion injuries are also common but the cause may be less obvious. Repeating the same movement or posture can cause strained muscles and tendonitis such as rotator cuff syndrome of the shoulder. Rotator cuff impingement and/or tendonitis cause painful reaching and lifting with the arm, especially to the side or above shoulder height. Lateral epicondylitis, also known as tennis elbow can be caused from lifting and repetitive grabbing. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS) is a repetitive use injury that affects the median nerve at the wrist (see section on CTS). Carpal tunnel syndrome can typically cause pain and numbness in the thumb and two adjacent fingers.

Frequent bending and lifting can injure the spinal discs causing lower back pain and sometimes pain radiating to the buttocks, hip and calf (sciatica)

Our Chicago Loop and suburban Homewood offices accept Worker’s Compensation insurance for these conditions.

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