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Thoracic Spine Subluxation

Thoracic Spine Subluxation

thoracic spine subDefinition
The misalignment of one vertebra upon the other.

Thoracic spine subluxations can irritate the nerves of the disc, facet joints, and spinal nerves leaving the spine to cause pain in the mid-back that may even be felt around the sides and into the chest. At arrow, note the rotation subluxation which is an off-centering or rotation of the vertebra.    

A thorough, clinical examination of your spine that may include imaging is important for you to regain your quality of life without pain.

In office, Chiropractic Care uses chiropractic Cox Technic Flexion Distraction and Decompression to widen the canal space, drop the intradiscal pressure, increase the disc height to relieve pain, and realigns the vertebral segments to allow normal ranges of motion.
You will welcome the Cox Technic manipulation that gently "pulls you apart," as many patients describe the treatment or say they need.

In office adjunctive care may hasten your recovery.

At Home Care
At home you will want to avoid sleeping on your stomach, wear a neck brace if recommended, take nutritional supplements that help rebuild disc cartilage, exercise, and modify your daily activities as needed. You will want to work closely with us at Chiropractic Care to ensure your treatment is properly administered and your return to maximum health is maximized.

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