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Neck Pain

Neck Pain

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The neck is comprised of many delicate and pain sensitive structures, and is frequently exposed to abuse and stress that may result in neck pain. Some common factors involved in neck pain are incomplete recovery from past injuries, poor posture, and prolonged sitting. Regular spinal alignments help to prevent neck pain due to these sources.

Some of the frequent causes of neck pain include: disc degeneration, herniated or bulging discs, spinal misalignments and tight muscles. Spinal disc herniations can also cause pain, tingling, and numbness into the upper back, shoulder, arm and fingers.

Cox Flexion Distraction is uniquely suited to gently and effectively treat these conditions. This is done without the popping generally associated with Chiropractic manipulation. Numerous studies have shown the Cox procedure to be effective in treating the neck (cervical spine). Federally funded studies continue to be performed to help document the physiological mechanisms resulting in the clinical successes demonstrated from the use of flexion-distraction to both the neck and back. Dr. Kruse participated in the 2.8 million dollar federally funded research project at Loyola School of Medicine which studied the effects of this manipulation procedure which he uses every day in his offices.

Dr. Kruse has also published numerous studies in peer-reviewed journals discussing the benefits of Cox manipulation for his patients. In one study, Dr. Kruse published a retrospective review of 39 patients treated with Cox Technic protocols for the cervical spine in patients with cervical radiculopathy (arm pain). The mean number of treatments to deliver relief was 13.2. In 10 weeks, Cox Technic delivers a favorable clinical outcome that lasts!

Chiropractic Care is devoted to chiropractic patient education. Chiropractic Care makes sure patients are familiar with their spinal condition, comprehend the treatment plan to reduce pain, and accept their role in getting, keeping and supporting the relief so that they don't have to experience arm pain or neck pain any longer than they have to or need to undergo neck surgery.

Four Year $2.8M Grant Funds Study of Effects of Chiropractic Treatment for Neck Pain

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