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Foot Orthotics

foot painYour feet are the foundation of your body, supporting your spine and pelvic structure. Your feet also affect your knees, hips and back. As we age, the arches of the feet may settle like a foundation, which can cause misalignment and pain anywhere from your ankles to your neck. Some people just naturally have fallen arches, known as ankle pronation, causing abnormal pressure on the arches, toes and ankles. This can cause painful plantar fasciitis and heel spurs. These conditions often cause a sharp pain in the heel or arch of the foot, worse when getting out of bed in the morning or when getting up from a seated position. Abnormal stress on the arches and bones of the foot and toes may also cause metatarsalgia and Morton’s neuroma. Ankle pronation can cause abnormal rotation of the knee, hip and even pelvis, which causes stress to those joints.

At both offices, Chiropractic Care in Homewood and Chiropractic Care Millennium Park in Chicago, we utilize specialized state-of-the-art digital scanning equipment that allows us to:

  1. Check your foundation. We will take a look at your feet and analyze where the arches may have fallen.
  2. If needed, recommend a pair of custom-made Spinal Pelvic Stabilizers from Foot Levelers that will help bring your spinal pelvic structure back into alignment, easing knee, hip and back pain, or possibly preventing future occurrences of pain.

Custom-fitted orthotics can be especially important to patients who want to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle as they age. They make many different types which are specific to each patient’s conditions and activity levels. We can even get your orthotics prescription built into many different styles of dress and athletic shoes and even sandals. Feel free to go to FootLevelers.com to see for yourself the many options available to you and give us a call for a complimentary foot scan.

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