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Myosphere Ball


We are pleased to help launch the introduction of the MYOSPHERE, a treatment apparatus used in myofascial therapy to provide long-term relief of pain and stiffness!

The MYOSPHERE was conceptualized, designed and constructed by Licensed Physical Therapists with input from Healthcare providers, including Dr. Ralph Kruse. The goal is to provide maximum results with advanced myofascial, muscle relaxation, and trigger point therapy with a simple-to-use, portable and affordable device.

This spherical tool is made of a material which is lightweight yet firm enough to target the treatment area. Its specially hand- applied coating is designed to be easily cleaned and forgiving under pressure. The shape allows for multi-directional therapy thus helping treat the most common trigger points, providing even more specificity than the commonly used foam roller.

We utilize the MYOSPHERE during treatments on some of our patients and recommend patients use one at home to maximize their results.

We sell the MYOSPHERE in both our suburban Homewood and downtown Chicago offices.

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