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Cox Flexion-Distraction

table coxCox Flexion-Distraction manipulation (also called Cox Decompression Adjusting) is an effective, gentle and research-driven Chiropractic technique used to treat spinal conditions responsible for causing neck and back pain.

Lumbar back disc problems can cause lower back pain and may radiate pain, numbness and tingling to the buttocks, hip, leg and foot, and common condition known as Sciatica.
Cervical disc problems cause pain in the neck and often cause pain in the upper back, shoulder, and arm, and may cause numbness in the fingers.

Cox Flexion Distraction decompression adjusting, a specialized form of chiropractic manipulation, has been shown in numerous studies to be an effective and safe technique for lower back pain, neck pain and radiculopathy (Sciatica). Dr. Ralph Kruse was one of the research clinicians during a study of flexion-distraction performed to the lower back (lumbar spine) of ten cadavers. In this study, flexion-distraction was shown to create a decrease in intradiscal pressure (i.e.: reducing pressure inside the intervertebral disc helping to decrease disc bulges), increased posterior disc height and opened the vertebral canal and intervertebral foramen by up to 28%. All of these physiological effects help to relieve pressure on pain-sensitive spinal nerves.

drkrusecfdFlexion-distraction is one of the most well-studied chiropractic procedures. It has been shown to be effective for the treatment of disc herniation, degenerative disc disease and spinal stenosis as well as spinal subluxations. Numerous studies including those published by Dr. Kruse, have shown this procedure to be effective in treating neck and arm pain due to degenerative and herniated cervical discs. Federally funded studies continue to be performed to help document the physiological mechanisms resulting in the clinical successes demonstrated from the use of flexion-distraction to both the neck and back. Dr. Kruse has been involved in these studies at the Loyola Stritch School of Medicine and has been named as an author on one of the resulting published manuscripts.

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