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Corrective Exercises

correct exAt Chiropractic Care in Homewood and Chicago, we will customize an exercise program to meet your specific needs. Pinched nerves can cause muscle weakness and even a decrease in your sense of balance. Whether your condition is lower back or neck pain, a slipped disc, rotator cuff syndrome or ankle sprain, exercises to strengthen the appropriate muscles is essential to support the area, maintain your progress and prevent future injuries.

Exercises to strengthen the muscles that maintain correct posture may be an important part of your care. Good posture helps maintain spinal alignment and decreases the muscle tightness that occurs when these muscles are forced to work too hard. Good posture can also help prevent premature spinal degeneration such as arthritis.  Many of us work at a desk or in a forward flexed posture for extended periods of time. This can lead to tight muscles such as the Pectoralis muscles and also weakness of the muscles stabilizing the shoulder blades (Scapulae). Strengthening the scapular stabilizers can help reverse some of the effects of prolonged desk work and prevent the muscles from continuing to feel tight.

Strengthening the core muscles of the back and abdomen is extremely important to help support and protect the lower back. We prescribe and instruct you how to perform simple stretches and strengthening exercises at home. We may also use foam rollers to help stretch tight muscle and stretch tight fascia. More advanced exercises for strength and balance is done using exercise balls, Bosu balls and therapeutic resistance bands.

Performing your exercises at home as prescribed will help your condition and maintain your progress.

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